City & Guilds - Water Safety Plans in Building Water Systems for Healthcare and the NHS

Awareness and Management of Water Safety Plans in Building Water Systems – 1 Day Course

Our Water Safety Plan course is designed for organisations wishing to ensure the safety of their
patients/employees and visitors by using a Water Safety Plan (WSP) in order to comply with health and safety legislation and guidance and prevent infection due to water problems. A WSP is now recognised internationally as the best approach to ensuring the safety and continuity of your water supply. Course cost is £275.00 + VAT with a minimum of ten attendees held at your venue (expenses may be applicable according to location).

This course has been produced for managers and staff who will be involved in producing a WSP as
part of a Water Safety Team. The Water Safety Team may include staff from infection control, estates and facilities (including hotel/cleaning staff) and senior nurses from relevant augmented care units. It will give them an understanding of the background, benefits and methods involved in producing a robust and effective WSP. Participants will leave with confidence and ability to take an active part in the process.

The training will cover:

Training outcome
The outcome of the course will give confidence in the Water Safety Team approach, an understanding of Water Safety Plans and the steps involved in producing and implementing a WSP using the World Health Organisation’s preferred methodologies.

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