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Firefighters evacuated from station due to discovery of Legionnaire's disease bacteria

The Telegraph 12:49PM GMT 28 Mar 2015

Firefighters and paramedics have been evacuated from their own station because it is over-run with Legionnaire's disease.Emergency crews fled the base after it was discovered that the water system was teeming with the legionella bacteria.The fire station, which is shared with ambulance 999 crews, is owned by Thames Water, which leases it to Surrey County Council. A fire brigade source said that experts had been trying to eradicate the legionella bug from the Staines Fire Station for two weeks but had so far failed.

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27 confirmed cases of Legionnaire's Disease in the UK in the first two months and this is the quiet period of the year for Legionella.

According to a recent Public Health England report, there were 27 confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in the UK in January and February 2015. Once again this highlights the importance of safe water management systems, as well as how essential water hygiene training is. EPG courses are a must for those with any responsibility in water management and monitoring.

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Bournemouth hotel being investigated over case of Legionnaires' disease.

ITV Report 02:59PM GMT 11 Nov 2015

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Low-flow taps designed to save water contributing to an increase in growth of Legionella. 12:02PM GMT 03 Nov 2015

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