Ready, Steady, Cook TV Chef Ross Burden died from Legionnaire's Disease.

The chef was receiving treatement for lukemia but breathed in legionella bacteria present in Auckland Hopsitals Hot Water System, according to the coroner.

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Grandmother celebrating 59th birthday in Ibiza dies of Legionnaire's disease amid claims illness was caused by contaminated water in her holiday apartment

Lynne Balaam and her sister Kathleen Laddell, 52, from Cardiff, fell ill with a stomach bug just days into the 10-day trip with Thomson holidays to the Santa Eulalia resort.

Mum-of-four Lynne died in hospital on the holiday island four weeks later on October 18.

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Teignmouth dad's Legionnaires' disease anguish after holiday woman dies

A SOUTH Devon man was diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease after a stay at holiday apartments in Ibiza — where another holidaymaker later died from the illness.

Philip Cox, of Teignmouth, is considering legal action against holiday operators Thomson which runs the C'an Sanso rooms where he was on holiday.

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Man dies from domestic house with combi-boiler

THE wife of a man who died from Legionnaire’s Disease has warned of the dangers of setting hot water service temperatures too low. 

Stock agent John Mayell died in Flinders Medical Centre after contracting Legionnaire’s Disease from a hot water service at the Beachport home he shared with his wife of almost 60 years, Jan.

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