Ionisation for total bacterial control including Legionella

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eplus Global Ltd strives to provide innovative, environmentally friendly water disinfection solutions to the world. Essential to any of our endeavors is the focus we place on the health and safety of our customers and the global community. We supply only the best non-chemical water safety solutions while maintaining our dedication to the environment.

After many years of trialling and assessing non chemical and chemical disinfection devices for the control of Legionella, one type of system continually comes up 100% effective with the right environmental impacts for the environment, IONISATION. Many companies have the same basic process but they manage and produce in many different ways. When applying ionisation we learnt that TOTAL control and a systematic way of delivering a constant supply of ions at a pre-determined rate was essential. The only company after exhaustive research with this, along with dedication, track record of first class results and 100% satisfied customers was USA based Liquitech

eplus Global Limited is now proud to inform all its current and prospective clients that we are now the supplier of the Liquidator designed to kill Legionella and maintain a Legionella controlled environment in your water system of the highest specification at affordable prices.

eplus Global will determine the type of installation that suites your needs and system, install, commission, maintain and monitor giving you piece of mind. We will monitor through the REMS system 24/7 your equipment having the ability to remotely perform all control function adjustments and monitor real time display and alarms, system diagnostics, system configuration and data logging. This is the USP for our equipment as no other company can provide this.

You do not need to have a Legionella problem to consider our equipment. We can protect you from Legionella at the same time you reduce your water temperature to 45C in order to save the carbon foot print (carbon reduction) using renewable energy/volt-voltaic cells, solar etc. Buffer vessels for pre heat can be utilised safely and no more blending valves needed. We have a pay back calculator that in most cases can show payback within two years and massive savings thereon.

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